The Concept of Expression

This photography series is inspired on mental health and is about being able to express yourself freely without conforming to society’s wants, needs, expectations and judgements of how you express yourself in your personality, as well as how you appear.

This photography series, which is inspired by mental health, aims to inspire anyone who has a mental health condition, as well as anyone who has a condition or conditions that don’t surround mental health.

It’s all about every one of you being included without feeling left out. I aim to inspire and make this series as inclusive as possible and that equality, diversity and respect are always key in this world.

In contrast, I want this photography series to inspire you that you don’t need to conform to anyone and what they expect of you and that you deserve to be taken as you’re seen and be respected fully, equally and diversely.

To see the photography work I’ve produced for this photography series, head to the drop-down menu above.

There are more photo-sets to come over the next few months, so stay tuned!

Alex Smithson