The Concept of Expression: Shannon Farrell

The next subject I’ve photographed for the photography series is Shannon Farrell.

Marking a few months after I last went clubbing at Funhouse in Croydon, we did some catching up as I hadn’t been to Funhouse for about a good couple of months due to being caught up with a lot of stuff at work.

I seized the opportunity to capture the emotions Shannon evoked in her facial expressions and took into account her body language and posture, as all three combined shows how she genuinely feels deep down.

These photos conveyed Shannon’s emotions as her facial expressions and what she may have been feeling in those moments highlighted the different moods she was in.

The different moods she showed in these photos reflected on how she may have felt at those points in time.

I encourage anyone who is going through a difficult patch where any of you may be feeling depressed, anxious, stressed and feel like the world is on your shoulders to open up.

Opening up is the best thing to do. 

It’s vital to recognise mental health and that on some days, we’ll feel upbeat and positive, whereas, there are days where we feel like the pressure gets too much to handle.

It’s okay to not be okay.

Please feel free to refer to the ‘Mental Health Organisations’ page on this website, as there are helplines, contact numbers and company names on that page that I hope can help make a positive difference and give you the courage to open up.

One more thing…never be afraid and never be ashamed to open up.

Your mental health matters.

Alex Smithson

Device UsediPhone 7 Plus

Apps Used: Apple Photos, Instagram (Free), Depthography (Free)

Location of Photoshoot: Funhouse, Croydon, United Kingdom

Date of Photo-Set Produced: Sunday 12th October 2019

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