The Concept of Expression: Ryan McNish

The next subject I picked to photograph for this photography series is my close friend, Ryan McNish.

As the weather was damp and dismal, it set the tone for this small photo-set perfectly as Croydon wasn’t short on forecast rainfall which wasn’t surprising considering it was actually cold.

There were more than 3 photos, but these three photos really stood out as the other photos that didn’t make the final cut were good, but wouldn’t have stood out as much as they should.

I’m Beginning to Have Serious Doubts.

That Looks Like Fun!

I Need Some Time to Process This.

These photos did so well in black and white after I uploaded them to Instagram.

I’m Beginning to Have Serious Doubts.

As I wanted this photo to give off the real emotion Ryan was really feeling, I wanted the real emotions he showed in this photo to show that he was actually feeling doubtful about what the future might hold, as well as how he may be feeling deep down.

That Looks Like Fun!

After taking this photo, I noticed from the way Ryan expressed himself here that he looked like he saw something that appeared to be a lot of fun considering his facial expression captured a sense of potential excitement.

I Need Some Time to Process This.

This photo of Ryan shows how he really feels on a personal level as the message appears to show he has just received some bad news and he needs time to process the bad news he has just been told and I wanted this photo to really evoke how he was really feeling so that it would suggest what he may have just found out.

I’m really pleased with the way these photos turned out in the end, as the real emotions convey how Ryan truly feels and it’s good that by exploring the emotions he really showed, this shows that we all have real emotions that are not always visible until we open up to everyone about how we really feel.

I’ve got some more photo-sets on the way so make sure to keep your eyes peeled over the course of June! The next few photo-sets are really bringing the series together and I’m so pleased with the end result on them so I cannot wait to show you.

Alex Smithson

DSLR Used: Nikon D3300

Lens Used: 18 – 55 mm NIKKOR Lens

Date of Photo-Set Produced: Tuesday 9th April 2019

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