The Concept of Expression: Ben Francis / Personal Emotions Below the Surface!

Continuing on from the previous photo-set featuring my close friend, Ben Francis, I hit the drawing board again and made the most of the wonderful weather we had a few weeks ago by photographing him showing more of his real emotions, with the real emotions showing how he really feels as opposed to what and how societies would expect him to feel.

I also uploaded three photos I hand-picked from this set to Instagram, and the photo of Ben where he feels his heart aching from all the pain is the photo that stood out for me as I can see the genuine emotion he is truly feeling deep down.

This photo-set is more refined and almost compares to the first photo-set I produced featuring Ben, only the difference is that there are some more raw emotions that genuinely capture the vulnerable emotions that Ben doesn’t often show but makes up his character as the genuine and honest person he really is.

If you enjoyed this photo-set, please feel free to let me know and please submit critique on the photos as I’m open to what I can improve on for next time.

Alex Smithson

DSLR Used: Nikon D3300

Len Used: 18-55 mm NIKKOR Lens

Date of Photoset Produced: Monday 13th May 2019

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