The Concept of Expression: Matthew Gundry-White

The next subject I’ve photographed for this photography series is Matthew Gundry-White.

While in Croydon back in July following London Pride Celebrations, we did some catching up following some nights out a few weeks before the photo-shoot and I was able to capture off-guard natural expressions he made while we were having a conversation.

Ahead of his flight to Peru for the last two weeks of July, I wanted to make sure that the genuine emotions Matthew exhibits in these photos were as concise as possible.

Original Colour Photographs (Produced on the Nikon D3300)

Black & White (Edited With Apple’s Photos App & Instagram)

We all experience moments in life where we feel like the world is on our shoulders, like a weight that has been placed on our heads to make us feel depressed and unhappy.

If there are any improvements you feel I could make and if there are any apps you can recommend that I can use when I put the best photos for each set together, please let me know below.

If you enjoyed this photo-set, please feel free to comment below and even share this photo-set around with everyone you know.

We need to all come together and work hard to get mental health recognised and taken seriously, especially the lesser known mental health conditions everyone in this day and age battles throughout the course of everyday life that are sometimes, if not, often a lot, dismissed like they don’t exist.

Let’s all stand up and be counted!

Alex Smithson

Equipment Used:

  • Nikon D3300
  • 18 – 55 mm NIKKOR Lens

Devices, Editing Tools & Apps Used:

Location of Photoshoot: The Queen’s Gardens, Croydon, United Kingdom

Date of Photo-Set Produced: Tuesday 9th July 2019


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