Ben Haenow | Croydon | Winner of The X Factor 2014


4 months ago, Ben Haenow auditioned for the ITV Studios programme, The X Factor, and with much delight, this marked the beginning of what would be one of his biggest challenges yet.

Over the course of the 4 months since the beginning of The X Factor, Ben has fought his way through every week, making sure to guarantee his spot in the final on Saturday & Sunday night’s shows. Every week, Ben has rapidly got better and better as his journey progressed, and, last night, Ben Haenow, from Croydon, won this year’s X Factor.

I kept my fingers crossed, hoping for Ben to win, as I went to see his homecoming performance last Tuesday, which was fantastic, despite braving the wind and rain with no coat on until I got on my bus home. The two songs that Ben performed at his homecoming in Croydon was Come Together by The Beatles and Jealous Guy by John Lennon.

I must admit, despite the heavy workload I took on to complete by the 3:45PM deadline today, this weekend just gone was funny and emotional, because, during the course of Saturday’s first part of the X Factor Final, I noticed I was on TV twice on the left hand side of the audience, because I was at the front, and I did nothing but crease up in fits of laughter, because, when you’re having a good time, generally you wouldn’t think about it, and even though I knew the camera was panning on my side, I just cheered because I wanted Ben to win, and it was hilarious to see that I made two TV appearances in just a few split seconds. I still think about it even now, and always will for the rest of my life.

The X Factor Finals on both Saturday & Sunday were absolutely tense and so close, but, after hearing Ben’s name being announced that he had won the X Factor for 2014, I burst out shouting: “YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” because it was a long journey, but my goodness, I have followed Ben’s time on the programme since his first audition, and I will always continue to follow the future aspects of his career now he has become a star.

I am absolutely proud of Ben, and I feel absolutely proud to be a Croydonian, we love you Ben, the whole world loves you!!!!!!!!

Since last night’s final, Ben Haenow’s debut single: “Something I Need” has shot straight to the Number 1 spot on iTunes, and has since become one of the fastest selling singles in the 10 year history of The X Factor.

It gives me the absolute pleasure to announce that Ben Haenow’s debut single: “Something I Need” is now a permanent fixture on Mother Nature via Spotify, starting from today.

To download Ben Haenow’s debut single: “Something I Need”, head to the iTunes Store by clicking here.

I want to congratulate our Croydon lad, Ben Haenow, for fighting for the winner’s crown all the way to the end, and I am absolutely proud of him. I’m absolutely proud of you Ben Haenow. We love you Ben!!!

Alex Smithson

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