October: A Cold & Autumnal Dawn Breaks

Hello everyone, and welcome to October. A month that is Autumnal in many different aspects. As October is the month where everyone goes around trick-or-treating, knocking on everyone’s doors, I wanted to mark the start of October with a bang.

With Halloween just around the corner, I was feeling rather sad yesterday after finding out that my Maths Re-mark, which I mentioned to all of you in that article: “Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!” was still a D grade, despite being just 1 mark off, though as I found this out, I will still use my determination to try and re-sit Maths and English to make sure I get at least a C or B grade.

As Autumn slowly kicks in, everyone is preparing themselves for the cold snap that is just around the corner, and with a cold Winter that could indeed be worse than last year’s Winter snap, it is now the right time to start wrapping up a little warmer as it will tend to be not just cold at night, but also somewhat cold during the early hours of the morning, when everyone is getting ready to go to work, or to college or school if you or anyone else is a student.

Just like last month, this month will also be a very busy month for me, as I will be committing more to the work I receive whilst I’m at college, which will mean that I may only be able to post a small amount of articles over the course of this month, apart from when I have my week off at the end of this month.

The weather reports that say that this warm weather could last until next month still leaves me in a pickle because I don’t know whether to trust the weather reports or not, though it does get a little bit warm during the day, but not at night.

Again, welcome to October, and I’ll try my hardest to publish a few articles as best as I can.

Alex Smithson


    1. I know how you feel, I like Halloween, but I don’t like it at the same time, because you get those trick-or-treaters that knock on people’s doors, and it’s worrying because you don’t know whether they’re going to ask you for sweets or not.

      Some trick-or-treaters tend to do the unpredictable and sometimes put unwanted stuff through people’s letterboxes.

      For me, and I can relate to how you feel, I like Halloween, but I don’t, because I prefer to publish articles on Halloween, as that keeps me going instead, including being able to relax.

      Autumn, however, is fine for me as well, but it’s when it starts to get below freezing, that is when I switch my central heating on :-).

      Alex Smithson


  1. October is spring here in New Zealand. So goodbye to the fire and the central heating (usually but not this year). Gale force winds and rain greeted us this morning. UGH!
    Thanks for dropping by and reading my posts and then deciding to follow me. I shall come back often to see what you are up to.


    1. Wow, you’re lucky, it’s freezing over here at the moment, but as soon as it gets below freezing over here in the UK, I’ll be putting my central heating on haha :D.

      You’re also very welcome Judith.

      Thanks so much for dropping by :-).

      Alex Smithson


  2. good look for your exams!! i, personally, love autumn. it’s a very special season that triggers emotions i don’t really have words for but they can be summed up by something like “feeling like coming home to myself”.


    1. Thank you so much Paleica, I really appreciated it. Autumn and Winter, to be precise, are the two best seasons because you just know Christmas is around the corner. That’s the one thing that cheers me up every time when every year reaches its end :-).

      Alex Smithson


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