After six years, the wait is finally over! Adele is Back! 30 is Out Now!

Being the most personal, most open and most emotional album to date, Adele’s fourth studio album, 30, is an emotional rollercoaster of a beautiful album.

Hearing Adele’s emotions and vulnerabilities and aloneness on 30 shines through as she isn’t afraid to pour her heart and soul into this masterpiece!

What was so heartwarming was during the process of listening to 30, Adele spoke to her son, Angelo, on the track: “My Little Love”, and you can hear how tearful she is towards the end of the record, hence paving the way for Cry Your Heart Out.

She isn’t afraid to let her sub-conscious thoughts and feelings come to the surface in “I Drink Wine”, as she opened up and spoke about how her views in that moment towards the end of the record reflected largely on the challenges she faced at 30.

30 is such a raw and honest album considering it was inspired largely by her divorce from her ex-husband, Simon Konecki, as Adele tackled the separation head-on, while also discussing the scrutiny she, like any musician, would face with fame including her motherhood.

“Hold On” & “To Be Loved”, alongside “Easy On Me”, are instant stand-out records because of Adele’s vocal ability to project far and wide her vocal range.

Here is the full tracklist for 30, complete with the Spotify Playlist of the entire album and the official album artwork, with additional noted tracks from the Target Deluxe Edition:

  1. Strangers By Nature
  2. Easy On Me
  3. My Little Love
  4. Cry Your Heart Out
  5. Oh My God
  6. Can I Get It
  7. I Drink Wine
  8. All Night Parking (with Erroll Garner) Interlude
  9. Woman Like Me
  10. Hold On
  11. To Be Loved
  12. Love Is A Game
  13. Wild Wild West (Target Deluxe Edition)
  14. Can’t Be Together (Target Deluxe Edition)
  15. Easy On Me (with Chris Stapleton) [Target Deluxe Edition]
© Official Album Artwork | Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, Columbia Records, Melted Stone RecordsSpotify, Sony Music Entertainment, 2021

30 proves Adele isn’t afraid to bare her soul and emotions while also releasing albums that not only define her own personal life and experiences, but will also inspire and help anyone going through difficult points in their lives where any of her records instantly help people relate and come to terms with their genuine emotions, vulnerabilities and imperfections and to embrace that everyone has a right to feel their emotions and everything else that they know has affected them, continues to affect them, but also helps them to learn, mature and grow.

With Adele’s 19, 21 & 25 albums bringing that emotionally relatable feeling to the surface, 30 does that but also shows Adele’s vulnerable side in touch with her genuine emotions.

This album will inspire anyone and everyone who will be able to relate to the struggles and emotions she’s faced, while also being an album of empowerment.

30 is a masterpiece!

Alex Smithson

MN Album Rating: 10/10

© Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, Columbia Records, Melted Stone RecordsSpotify, Sony Music Entertainment, 2021

© The featured image consisting of the official artwork for Adele’s fourth studio album, 30, the Spotify Playlist and tracklist with the Target Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks consisting of Adele’s highly anticipated fourth studio album, 30, and other material shown in this review of Adele’s album, 30, are copyright of Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, Columbia Records, Melted Stone Records, Spotify & Sony Music Entertainment. Full copyright goes to the respective owners.

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