The Beautiful Sunset of Whitstable Beach, Kent. – Part 2

IMG_0881 Hello again, the video is currently uploading, and I’m hoping fingers crossed that it finishes uploading soon. As soon as it becomes available to watch, I will update this blog post with the video. Also, I wanted to surprise all of you by giving this blog a new look, so that blog posts are viewable, clearer and bolder to read. The new blog theme is called Ever After, it’s free and can be activated on any blog. New Blog Theme - Ever After I made the photos into a video so that all of you can view them as an interactive gallery whilst you’re viewing the post. Feel free to comment about the new appearance, and even suggest a theme I could use on this blog for 2014.

UPDATE: The video is ready to watch in Full HD, and here it is:

Thanks for reading, and thank you for your patience, I really appreciated it.

“Patience is a virtue” – William Langland

Alex Smithson.


  1. Alex, once again you have impressed with an excellent set of photos. Good idea to put it into video format as well, although sadly I had to listen to it on silent as I am at work. I really like the blog refit as well. Makes me feel sunny even though it’s cold and raining on the way to my office.
    Well done!

    – HalfEatenMind


    1. Thank you Vijay, I really appreciated it. I chose the theme ‘Ever After’ because I wanted to give the blog more of a chance to catch the person’s eye, in fact, I’ll keep it as the main blog theme, to see how many views and followers my blog gets. I understand watching & listening to it on silent was the con for work, as with work it’s always the norm, I don’t mind if you watch it on silent at work :-).

      Again…thank you for your comment, it really opened my eyes. I really appreciated the time you took to read it, and to also watch the video is a massive thank you :-).

      -Photography | Nature


    1. Thank you, my auntie took the photos of the sunset and the beach, I wanted to share them in this blog post as the sunset like you said is gorgeous, and is also beautiful, you’re very welcome and thanks again 😊👍.

      -Photography | Nature

      On New Year’s Day 2014, I’ll be changing the name of the blog to “Mother Nature | Life at the touch of a button.” and will also be activating the theme “Twenty Fourteen” to go along with it 😊.


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