A Cold, Wet Start to 2014

Following the New Year’s Day fireworks on Wednesday, I wanted to get some photos of the rain, but instead, wanted to go for a more difficult, hard-to-focus view-point by using my iPod touch’s 5 megapixel camera to capture these photos. I also recorded some video clips using the iPad mini (1st Generation), but noticed while recording the first clip that the bolt of lightning quickly appeared and disappeared in the space of just a split second.

In honesty, what I thought would be the last of this weather, well we were not prepared for this, because after the first bout of this horrible weather came and went, I hoped the first bout would be the last we see of it, but oh no, we have got this second bout of horrid weather, and now the UK is expected to get more of it over the next couple of weeks.

Below are the photos I took yesterday of the weather, but instead focused the iPod touch camera on the raindrops. It was a hard job to focus the camera on the raindrops, but was worth it. The photo of the raindrops works  perfectly as an iPad wallpaper or iPhone/iPod touch wallpaper. I have also provided 2 screenshots of how well the raindrops wallpaper works on the iPad mini, and 2 other screenshots of the same wallpaper on the iPod touch.

Feel free to download the photo of the raindrops on the glass anytime. I have also just finished uploading the video for this blog post “A Cold, Wet Start to 2014”. It’s available to watch now in Full HD for your viewing comfort :-).

Thank you for viewing this blog post.

-Alex Smithson


  1. As much as I hate the rain (had to walk in it this morning to work), you have made it look so harmless and tranquil in your window shots. Very good as well how you converted the pictures into wallpapers for the iGadgets. It actually goes well with their design.

    Thanks for sharing!



    1. Thank you Harold, it wasn’t difficult to record the videos on the iPad mini for this blog post as they focused automatically, but it’s when it comes to focusing the iSight iPod touch (5th Generation) camera, that’s where it got a bit more difficult to do, but the overall result was perfect…again, thanks for the kind gesture, I really appreciated it 😊👍!!!

      -Mother Nature | Life at the touch of a button.


    1. You’re welcome Tish, and thank you for the kind gesture, I really appreciated it 😊👍!!!

      In honesty, I’m not a big fan when it comes to rain, but having rain does have the best opportunities in some cases, because you’ll be able to capture a photo or photos of raindrops on anything such as glass, plants or even famous landscapes, a great point you made there, rain can have its ups and downs, but can also prove useful when doing a hobby you love doing the most…again! thank you for dropping by this nature blog! I really appreciated it 😊👍!!!

      -Mother Nature | Life at the touch of a button.


  2. A short clip of my autobiography:”There is a sound that most humans will experience many times in life, that, despite being perfectly ordinary and extremely frequent, never fails to awaken a soul-crushing sadness deep within our minds. This is the precise feeling that stirred me each morning, as my alarm clock stirred me from sleep. I awoke as if my alarm clock had unexpectedly poked me with a cattle prod…” To read more, check out my website! regards, Justin.


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