Branching Out…

As the air pollution continues to clear, this gives nature the opportunity to branch out.

I captured this shot of the tree branching out while I waited for my bus home on Sunday evening, as I felt it was right to show you what this wonderful weather decided to bestow to us all.

The lockdown has affected the world globally, and with Croydon being a ghost town due to the pandemic, this has given nature a chance to branch out and show off her true colours during the Spring season.

What has the lockdown been like where you are? What does the sky look like where you are, and has nature started to branch out and blossom where you are?

I would love to hear your response.

Alex Smithson

Device Used: iPhone 7 Plus
App Used: Apple Camera (Pre-Installed)
ISO Speed: ISO-20
F-Stop: f/2.8
Focal Length: 6.6 mm

Date of Photograph Produced: Sunday 19th April 2020

One comment

  1. Today in the Mojave Desert community where I live it is 92 degrees. Because of recent rains millions of tiny little yellow flowers carpet huge swathes of the formerly god-forsaken wasteland. Larger desert flowers of mostly daffodil-like appearance, but also violet and pinkish-orangeish-yellowish hue are in great abundance in certain areas. Soon, they will disappear in the 100-110 degree heat, and the landscape will revert to sparse low-lying prickly shrubs and dead grasses with occasional Yucca trees. The ants are in abundance, their nests renewing after being reduced to skeleton crews during the cold months of this high desert.

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