Light Up The World!

In the high spirits of bonfire night, everyone set off their fireworks and created remarkably vibrant and bold displays, and I seized the opportunity to produce a large collection of photographs in the lead up from Sunday last week to the firework celebrations!

The boom of the fireworks amplified the scenery!

The colours of the fireworks are so vibrant and so bold!

I wanted to capture the beauty of the firework celebrations as bonfire night comes around once a year, and what better time to celebrate the occasion!

The vibrant firework displays capture that beautiful feeling of euphoria, filling the air with love, happiness and joy!

The vibrant colour hues make the firework display feel so alive, and it’s a perfect reason to bring love and light into this world!

As I look at the fireworks, I stand and watch in awe as the beautiful night sky and the firework display brings us all together!

As I reflect on the beautiful elements of this weekend, I observe the beautifully bright and wonderful firework display from afar and immerse myself in the beauty of the night!

What gives me so much comfort is being able to produce these photos in such a way that I can produce them almost like I would on the Nikon D3300, and I love the way these photographs turned out!

I love vibrancy, boldness and the vivid colours of the fireworks so much that the firework display expresses all things bright and beautiful!

I produced all these photographs using Night Mode on the iPhone 11, and I’m so pleased with the way I produced this collection as I wanted to show you the firework displays that brightened the night sky!

Concluding this collection, I wanted to reflect by saying that with this vibrant, bold and wonderful firework display and the whole essence of firework celebrations, these firework displays in the face of the way life is now for all of us is a reason to light up the world and uplift one another and to love one another!

I love you all, and Happy Bonfire Night!

Alex Smithson

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