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Coming exactly 5 weeks today after he released his collaboration of Second Hand Heart with the Piece by Piece American singer, Kelly Clarkson, Ben Haenow has finally released his long-awaited debut album to the world.

After spending 10 months out of the spotlight, considering he won the X Factor last year, Ben Haenow decided to take as much time as he needed to make sure this album achieved the sound that he wanted, as he didn’t want to release an album less than 6 months after winning, which has, in the past, been the usual method after a contestant has won on the show. Well, not this time, as Ben Haenow has taken all of the time he’s wanted to take to make sure this album is perfect.

The three songs he released from his album, which were Second Hand Heart (feat. Kelly Clarkson), Make it Back to Me & All Yours, were all made available for purchase in the weeks leading up to today’s release, and for this album to be a powerhouse pop-rock album, Ben Haenow has most certainly hit all of the right notes and has also done this album justice. It really is that good, you just can’t miss out on the opportunity of listening to his debut album.

Ben Haenow - Official Standard Album Artwork
© Ben Haenow, SYCO Entertainment & RCA Records 2015 (Official Standard Album Artwork)
Ben Haenow (The Deluxe Edition) - Official Deluxe Album Artwork
© Ben Haenow, SYCO Entertainment & RCA Records 2015 (Official Deluxe Album Artwork)

To show my love and full support to our Croydon lad, Ben Haenow, I have taken to GIMP to use both of these debut album covers, and I have merged both of them together to make this for Ben:

Ben Haenow (The Deluxe Edition) - Customised Final Album Artwork
© Ben Haenow, SYCO Entertainment & RCA Records 2015 (Official Fan-Made Customised Deluxe Album Artwork)

What do I think of Ben Haenow’s finally-released debut album overall? I absolutely love it, he really has hit the right notes, and to be honest, I’m absolutely glad that I pre-ordered his album and received it, as it feels like he’s given us all something back we can always feel proud of, knowing that we’re absolutely proud of him, and even I am absolutely proud of Ben Haenow.

My full recommendation to all of you is to give his debut album a listen, and I am absolutely pleased to announce that starting from now, Ben Haenow’s self-titled debut album is now available to stream via the Spotify Playlist that’s located in the “Ben Haenow” widget on the right of this website. This album will also remain as a permanent fixture on Mother Nature.

We love you Ben!!!!! I absolutely love this album of yours, and I believe, hand on heart, that you’re going to be in the music business for a very, very long time. I will always believe in you, not just because you’ve done the whole of Croydon proud, but because you have also done me proud as well. I will always support you no matter what, and I’m absolutely glad that I’ll be behind you 100% all the way to support you in your musical career. This is your time to shine. We love you Ben Haenow :-)!!!!!!!!!

Overall Album Rating: 10/10

Alex Smithson

© Ben Haenow 2015

© SYCO Entertainment & RCA Records 2015

© The Ben Haenow Logo, the Official Standard Album Cover, the Deluxe Album Cover, the Customised Fan-Made Deluxe Album Cover and the wide-scale Featured Image, including ‘The Deluxe Edition’ logo have all been used courtesy of the record labels and the artist. No Copyright Infringement Intended.

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