An Apology…

Hello everyone, I wanted to say I’m really sorry if I didn’t blog at all about the first match that finished earlier as I had my Leaving Assembly today and also went to Croydon College for a couple of hours to enrol. Not to worry however, as I will be publishing the blog post that rounds off today of the match between Colombia and Uruguay.

Again, my sincere apologies for the blog post that never got published :-).

-Alex Smithson

Note: Due to the problems I am having finding the Colombia vs. Uruguay match feed, I am unable to publish this blog feed due to BBC Sport. I am really sorry to not publish two posts in one night, I really hope that a match feed does come up for me to use when creating these next couple of blog posts.

I’m really sorry for if I’ve let you down everyone, I mean this apology sincerely from the bottom of my heart :-(.

I have a strong passion for photography. I love to write and publish articles, reviews and photography work as I aim to pursue a full-time photography career in the future. I raise awareness for Mental Health as it’s close to my heart and I want to make sure the photography work I produce gives hope to anyone who may feel like they don’t have a voice and that it’s always okay to be your actual self and that you’re always free to express yourself for who you truly are.

4 comments on “An Apology…

  1. FellyEliot

    Well as long as you’re here now – that’s the main thing. 😛


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