Monthly Roundup: July 2021

It’s been an extremely productive month, and one of the most productive months I’ve ever had!

Despite suffering a really serious head-cold during the second week of July which forced me to take time off from work, I wanted to make sure I could push on through publishing the photographs from Piccadilly Circus, and I successfully published the last of the photo-set of Piccadilly Circus from the 17th April.

I’ve almost finished publishing the remaining photo-set from the 23rd April on here, and I’m excited as I’ve got a small number of photos from the 23rd April left to publish which I cannot wait for you to see over the coming weeks!

I’ve been noticing more results every time I leave the gym and I’ve lost a lot of weight since the beginning of the year, and it feels so good to achieve my fitness goals while on the go!

It’s been a bag of mixed emotions over the last few weeks which is understandable considering we were coming up to the end of the third lockdown, and Freedom Day came and went so fast that most of the restrictions have since been lifted, so for me, the photography work I’ve published, including the fact I’ve been going to the gym often, has given me a reason to maintain my focus on my passion for photography while achieving my fitness goals.

Before July closes its doors for one last time, I’ll summarise the photos/articles published throughout July.

1.7.2021 – July kicked off on a beautiful note with the beautiful sunny weather, and there was no better feeling than seeing the Summer season getting into the swing of things!

3.7.2021 – Each lantern provides the hopeful feeling on beautiful sunny days that life is slowly returning to normal.

Fancy cooling down in a peaceful atmosphere in Soho that is vibrant and full of colour?

Gerrard Place in Soho is so peaceful! I love how the landscape provides warmth and provides a more relaxed setting where you can cool down and enjoy yourself too!

Soho is sizzling with crowds, and it’s so refreshing to see that everyone is spending time with their friends dining and having food while making up for a lot of lost time after over a year!

There’s a massive variety of beautiful buildings in and around Soho, and if you fancy that variety which is the spice of life that Soho offers, come down to Soho and mark the occasion by visiting The Spice of Life Pub!

4.7.2021 – I took a moment to wish the whole of the United States a Happy Independence Day and wanted you to know I love you all and hope you all stayed safe during the celebratory event!

5.7.2021 – Soho’s full of surprises! Who would have thought the latest fitness craze would be Slim Chickens?

The hot weather may be here, but it’s certainly given Old Compton Street something to shine over!

Moor Street in Soho is so peaceful, and what a view!

Come down to Old Compton Street when you get the opportunity because it’s so beautiful down here!

7.7.2021 – The beautiful sunny weather is out, and everyone is having a good time down Dean Street.

What’s peaceful about Frith Street is that even though it is busy and full of people, it’s the weather that brings about the right amount of shade to cool down; the beautiful sun compensates the sky with a feeling of calm and the spirit of the locals makes the place feel like home.

Fancy riding down Frith Street?

It’s a beautiful place worth visiting!

You’ll adore and admire the beautiful scenery it brings!

While everyone dines and enjoys the beautiful weather with food and drinks to go around, Old Compton Street turns up the heat!

9.7.2021 – Old Compton Street is a beautiful place, especially on a sunny day; the rays of sunshine fill the street with joy and happiness.

Old Compton Street’s got a reason to cool down!

Visit Dean Street in Soho to get a buzz of what this incredible place has to offer!

Fancy getting hands-on with the best quality food, drinks and clothing you won’t find anywhere else?

11.7.2021 – I’m overwhelmed with happiness and positive energy in Dean Street; it’s one of the most beautiful places in Soho I’ve ever visited!

I love the community spirit in Soho; everyone’s happy, the sun’s shining, crowds of people enjoy their drinks as they sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful weather, and it feels so refreshing to see the community coming together to bring back the spirit of Soho.

Piccadilly Circus is a gorgeous place to visit; Soho is full of prosperity and love, but if you’re looking to get to Denman Street, these are the two directions to get there!

Although it was a beautiful sunny day, the UK stood tall and silent while giving a salute to the late Duke of Edinburgh following his passing in April.

It was a very sombre moment in Piccadilly Circus as this billboard of the men carrying the Duke of Edinburgh’s coffin highlighted the end of an era for the Royal Family, but symbolised his life for the royal duties he fulfilled.

13.7.2021 – Piccadilly Circus is a beautiful place; the scenery is stunning!

The buildings capture the area’s beauty, and there’s no better feeling than seeing everyone exploring the area and making the most of the beautiful sun!

As everyone went about their day in Piccadilly Circus, I couldn’t help but notice the silence filling the place because everyone took a moment to remember HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh.

It’s not often I see a moment of silence in a thriving place like this, but it proves how powerful someone’s death can have on everyone, especially when a member of the Royal Family has passed away.

The best thing about Piccadilly Circus is its elegance; the area has a simplistic direction, the buildings are a work of art in their own right because of their visually appealing design aspects, and it’s easy to get around.

I love the peaceful and quiet walk down Shaftesbury Avenue; it’s an excellent way to clear the mind, and the weather is a massive benefit with a hint of a breeze to help relax the soul.

15.7.2021 – I love the peaceful atmosphere Wardour Street brings; the sense of calm fills the air, the shade provides comfort and compensates for the warm landscape, and the place feels so relaxing.

I find a walk down Brewer Street so calming on the soul; the breeze in the air, the street is filled with peace, and there’s nothing I like more than strolling down this beautiful street during the euphoric sunny hours soaking in the sun.

St. Martin’s Place provides hope, comfort and a beautifully peaceful atmosphere to match.

The buildings and statues surrounding it are stunning, and it’s visually appealing.

It’s a beautiful feeling when you get up, close and personal at any place you visit, and for St. Martin’s Place, you’re getting the best view up close with the architecture of this building.

I love the view of this building and the area up close because it provides an intimate idea that stands out, and the detailing and aged look of the building interests me.

17.7.2021 – Major General Sir Henry Havelock KCB’s statue was erected in Trafalgar Square during the 1800-1900 era, and highlighted the campaign of the Indian Rebellion, which lasted from 1857 to 1859.

Trafalgar Square is no stranger to making noises; the lions make a joyous uproar regularly, encouraging visitors to explore its beauty.

As the lions’ roar, they successfully make their presence known.

It’s a positive call to arms for everyone to come down to Trafalgar Square!

The relaxed traffic around Trafalgar Square was a perfect opportunity for this rider to zoom through London at full speed!

In this place of fun, you can do anything; enjoy the delicacy of what London offers, including the drinks that you’ll love in and around London!

Aaaah! Don’t you love it when the sun slowly sets on Trafalgar Square?

It’s so relaxing; the landscape is full of calm, and it feels so refreshing.

The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square is extraordinary; the art pieces and various installations capture the best elements.

The unique development process is heartwarming as I love and admire the way art brings everyone together.

19.7.2021 – It was a hot day in Piccadilly Circus; the hot weather brightened up the landscape and made the beautiful day so much happier!

I love Piccadilly Circus! It’s one of the best places I’ve ever visited!

There are so many sights to see!

Piccadilly Circus is full of exciting reasons to enjoy the hot weather; food and drinks bring everyone together; meanwhile, something fizzy’s added to the mix.

The best feeling of cooling down in the hot weather is knowing you can enjoy fizzy drinks, such as Coca Cola, and I find that Coca Cola in hot weather helps me cool down.

Lillywhites is a beautiful part of Piccadilly Circus; it stands out from the crowd!

From selling footwear to the latest clothing and other essentials, Lillywhites has everything to offer!

Freedom Day arrived, and everyone in the UK gradually used the opportunity to celebrate most of the restrictions that were lifted after six months of gradual unlocks, but the question I put to all of you was how were you feeling?

21.7.2021 – There’s something special about Piccadilly Circus that makes me smile; the beautiful sun, the landscape is visually appealing, and the buildings make the place feel like you can lose yourself in the beautiful scenery Piccadilly Circus offers!

Everything about Regent Street is excellent; I love the positive environment, and the shade provides calm and relaxation.

Piccadilly Circus is a fun place to visit, but taking a walk up Regent Street is a beautiful reason to make the most of the beautiful hot sunny weather!

There’s a breeze that fills the air; the hot weather provides a massive space for you to soak in the sun, and the shade promises a reason to cool down.

Here are five reasons why you should visit Piccadilly Circus before 3PM:

  1. It provides peaceful scenery, with a joyful atmosphere that’ll make it feel like home.
  2. Chinatown is a fabulous place in Piccadilly Circus!
  3. Soho’s buzz, especially during the hot summer season, is a beautiful reason to enjoy yourself!
  4. The billboard in Piccadilly Circus is a beautiful sight!
  5. The beautiful hot weather here is marvellous!

These are my five reasons why you should visit Piccadilly Circus; the fun atmosphere will make you want to come back for more!

23.7.2021 – If there’s anything I love about Jermyn Street is the perspective it provides; you have two ways of looking at this road.

The directions to the left and right and the straightforward path capture the beautiful essence of Jermyn Street and the buildings that surround it.

What I love about Jermyn Street is there’s more to the area than meets the eye; the structure of the buildings and the beautiful clear sky makes this road feel like a journey to the beautiful unknown.

From a beautiful street with a giant cinema consisting of the latest films to a road full of traffic, Regent Street sparkles in the beautiful sunny weather!

The best parts of Regent Street are the little shops nearby; you can purchase food and drinks, and they provide all the best quality delicacies you would want!

Under the beautiful sunny weather, Regent Street has its beauty; the landscape is filled with warmth and provides a layer of cool for anyone who loves a reason to chill out and enjoy the fun!

A month before the coronavirus pandemic began, I got Amy Winehouse’s eyes tattooed on my arm with her legendary trademark makeup by Jakki at Harlequin Tattoos, as her music resonated with me because her mental health, for me, played out entirely in the public eye.

It was eye-opening to hear her music as she documented her Back to Black album during a period of her life that was widely publicised.

Ten years on since her passing, I remember so vividly I was at home with my family after being off school for the last week of the term due to a cold.

25.7.2021 – Strolling down Waterloo Place in this beautiful weather is such an incredible feeling!

It’s so quiet, yet so full of peace and is terrific!

I love the sunny weather when it lights up Regent Street; it makes the place feel so welcoming and warming.

The warmth fills the place with a breeze to keep the street nice and cool, and a mixture of both makes it so enjoyable!

The best reason you should be in Regent Street is the scenery; the buildings capture that beautiful warmth, and the view is remarkable!

The warmth draws you in and makes you feel like the place is a second area to call home.

What’s fascinating about Regent Street is the beauty of the landscape; from a standard view, you see Regent Street for how it usually is, but on a closer look, there’s beauty in the landscape.

There is a personal feeling that Regent Street brings because there’s more to the buildings surrounding it, including the statues.

27.7.2021 – Fancy an unforgettable experience of a lifetime at the Sofitel Hotel?

Sofitel Hotel offers their relaxing award-winning spa with the best cuisines on offer at Wild Honey St. James’!

History is fascinating, especially in Regent Street; the Crimean War statues stand tall and silent, but they highlight the significance of how history has changed the way we see places and notable figures.

Pall Mall is a beautiful part of London; it’s a six-minute walk from Piccadilly Circus to Pall Mall, St. James’, and is a lovely area to visit!

Pall Mall is a beautiful place where you can scream and shout!

28.7.2021 – The thunderstorm left behind wonderful trails of raindrops, and in doing so, it created beautiful droplets of light!

29.7.2021 – Want to explore the two best areas near Piccadilly Circus?

The beautiful sunny weather and rays of light capture the beauty and sparkle of Waterloo Place; this view makes the place stand out!

The sun shines brightly on the road and lights up the beautiful atmosphere; the moving vehicles bring a buzz to Waterloo Place!

Waterloo Place’s history is prominent as it documents the fallen of the Crimean War.

Being one of the first conflicts in which the military used modern technologies consisting of railways, telegraphs and explosive naval shells, The Crimean War was one of the first to be documented in photographs and written reports extensively.

Waterloo Place is sparkling; the sun’s shining and beams on the buildings below!

It’s so peaceful! You’d love soaking in the sun while strolling around Waterloo Place during the summertime!

31.7.2021 – It was a beautiful day out in Waterloo Place when I visited the area in April; there was a breeze in the air, and the warm weather in Waterloo Place gave me a reason to relax.

I’m fond of the warm weather wherever I go; it felt like Summer, at that point, already arrived, and the Spring season in April during that day was so beautiful and warm it felt like Summer began earlier than planned.

Pall Mall is a beautiful place to stroll through; I love the area for its beautiful landscape, the structure of the buildings, and the incredible scenery makes the site feel like home.

In April, as I passed through from Piccadilly Circus Station to get a glimpse of the landscape, Pall Mall struck me for its beauty; walking through the area is a good reason to lose yourself in the fun of it all.

Imagine getting an ultra wide view of Waterloo Place?

Waterloo Place offers a full-scale view of the beautiful buildings; the scenery is extraordinary, and you will love what this place offers!

The Criterion Theatre’s full of glitz and glamour; it sparkles and dazzles with the best extravaganzas it has to offer!

From star-studded theatre shows to the extravagant stage lights, the stage is the place to be free!

It’s been one of the most productive months I’ve ever had since I started the website nearly 10 years ago, and I intend to keep up this pace of publishing content on a frequent basis.

I’m pleased to announce that as the weeks progress, I’ll be making a start on the first few photo-sets from the photoshoots I’ve done so far following the last remainder of the photos from the 23rd April of Piccadilly Circus I’m intending to publish as I cannot wait for all of you to see the photos I’ve produced!

If you missed anything I published throughout July, don’t worry, as I’ve included all the links below so that you never miss out.

I love you all! I hope all of you stay safe, and let’s make August an awesome month filled with happiness, positivity and good times!

Alex Smithson

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