Welcome to March!!! A Month Full of Hard Work, Simplicity & Relaxing Times.

Hello everyone, and welcome to March!!! As February finally closed its doors at 12:00AM this morning, March is set to be the month when we start to see some nice weather, as well as the relaxing temperatures that take away the cold, wintry weather from January & February.

As March is set to be a month full of hard work for me, given I have my Maths and English exams just around the corner, and with the second to last unit of my UAL Level 2 Art & Design Course to go before I start my final unit in April, this month will be full of hard work, as well as extensive revision that goes towards my English and Maths exams this month.

As well as this, March is also set to be a month surrounding simplicity, as the featured image suggests, as I want to make sure that this month is based around simplicity, as well as the design of Mother Nature overall, and also, this month is set to be full of relaxing times, and being able to enjoy yourself for just how valuable life really is.

Over the course of this month, I will be focusing more on my exams that are coming up, as well as meeting deadlines for my UAL Level 2 Art & Design Course work. This means that I will, in some or most cases, have some trouble in finding the time to publish articles on Mother Nature. However, I will try my best to fit at least a few articles in when I have the free time available.

Until then, welcome to March on Mother Nature!!! A Relaxing Journey Awaits!!!

Alex Smithson

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