Brazil 2014 World Cup | Brazil vs. Germany

Hello everyone, and welcome to the only match of the night between Brazil and Germany. Here, I’ll be continually updating this live blog feed as the match unfolds. As always, I will be using BBC Sport to copy over the quotes made by football commentators, plus the pictures, and I’ll also add my own thoughts in based on this match while it is in progress.

Brazil 1-7 Germany

…and, we have kick off!!! Let’s hope that this only match of the night reaches an all time high and rounds off what has been a very good day for all of us.

Former England Defender, Danny Mills: “That was one of the best renditions of a national anthem I have ever seen. It was unbelievable, from start to finish. Every single Brazilian in the stadium was singing.”

Tom Rostance: “Bastian Schweinsteiger was visibly beaming with delight as they kicked off. They don’t do nerves in Munich…Not a great minute for Mesut Ozil, a slip robbing Germany of the chance of a quick counter, before he pulls out of a tackle in midfield. Got to be stronger there. Marcelo then has the first shot of the night but skims it wide.”

Former England Defender, Martin Keown: “It will be interesting to see Oscar in that central role that Neymar has vacated today. Luiz Gustavo being back is very important for Brazil, especially in the absence of Silva and Neymar.”

Credit: BBC Sport and Martin Keown ©

Tom Rostance: “David Luiz will always have a few question marks over his head as a centre-back but he shows the other side of his game, spraying a glorious 60-yard pass out to Hulk on the wing. His cross comes to nothing and Germany again spring a quick break, but Luiz recovers well to stop Miroslav Klose in his tracks. We’ve started at an excellent pace. Premier League pace.”

Credit: BBC Sport

Danny Mills: “It’s exactly how Brazil started against Colombia – on the front foot. Hulk is on the left side and he played well in the first half against Colombia, he got the ball, ran at people and caused problems for defenders. The Germans are rattled and have given the ball away a couple of times already. Every time the Germans get the ball, the crowd are jeering. This is going to be some game and some atmosphere.”

Chris Bevan (BBC Sport in Brazil): “Not seen rain like this since I was last in Salford.”

Tom Rostance: “A storm is engulfing the Copacabana in Rio where an estimated 70,000 fans have gathered to watch tonight’s match in a Fifa fanzone.”

Credit: BBC Sport ©

Tom Rostance: “Lovely attack from Germany! Thomas Muller finds space – that’s his trademark – out on the right this time, his cross comes over to Mesut Ozil on the left of the area. He looks up and as the cry is for him to shoot, he instead cuts back a brilliant pass to find Sami Khedira arriving at real pace. Khedira connects beautifully but cannons the shot into the back of Toni Kroos.”

Credit: BBC Sport

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Stu: David Luiz and Dante have potentially the best hair combo of any defensive pair at a World Cup ever.

Alan Wylie: Looking forward to seeing Bernard tonight for #BRA think he might have a trick up his sleeve tonight.

Danny Mills: “Brazil are snapping into the tackles when Germany get the ball and Brazil are playing a high tempo, closing the ball down quickly. With this anthem and this atmosphere, it gives the Brazilian players such a lift in the first 10 minutes. You could see the intensity on their faces, they have to control that, but it gives them an edge in terms of energy early on.”

Tom Rostance: “End-to-end stuff! This is a very open game. Brazil attack swiftly and find Fred with his back to goal, but it’s almost like netball as he makes the half-turn and just waits for runners beyond him. You are allowed to ‘travel’ with it Fred! The big nine loses the ball and Germany are away again – so much space in midfield and that is dangerous for the hosts.”

Martin Keown: “Germany are getting in far too easily. Marcelo left a big space to run into and Brazil get lucky. The shot hits Kroos on the back. This game is very open. Both sides are saying we are going to attack better than you are.”


Credit: BBC Sport

Martin Keown: “He is totally unmarked. Unbelievable to get that space at this level. Muller makes it look easy but it is just about concentration.”

Thomas Mueller scores the opening goal
Credit: BBC Sport, Martin Keown and Getty Images ©

Tom Rostance: “Thomas Muller now has as many World Cup goals as Gary Lineker. He’s only five off the record and he’s just 24. That goal hasn’t quelled the Brazilian fans’ enthusiasm though. Plenty of noise still in Belo Horizonte.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Ritchie H: And who was marking exactly??? Have all of the Brazil players gone to sleep?

Abdul Karim: Oh dear Brazil. Schoolboy defending at the WorldCup.

Danny Mills: “Disaster for Brazil and they had been on top. The ball came in and nobody was marking Thomas Muller. David Luiz lost his man, he had got wrapped up with the atmosphere in the first 10 minutes, and Muller just pulled off his shoulder for a very simple finish. We said Luiz had to remain his discipline, but he has just lost his concentration.”

Credit: BBC Sport and Danny Mills ©

Phil McNulty (BBC Sport Chief Football Writer in Belo Horizonte): “Brazil’s fans were stunned into silence for a few seconds by Thomas Muller’s goal – before a deafening “Brasil” chant echoed around Estadio Mineirao.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

RogerioMoller (#BRA ): I believe in the drive, the heart, the union and Scolari’s competence. Go, Braziiiiil!

ahnitaner (#BRA ): I’m expecting Brazil to win, of course! Focus, strength (to resist fatigue as long as necessary) and faith.

Rai Rezende: #GER is so strong..But #BRA is #PENTA. And we have one reason more to believe: The players will do the possible to win for Neymar.

Tom Rostance: “This Brazil side will test their nation’s faith this evening as Germany look so composed and slick. They are keeping the ball so much better than Brazil. Afters! Brilliant tackle from Philipp Lahm to stop Marcelo in his tracks as the left-back bombed into the area, Marcelo goes down and makes a meal of it and it all spills over. Pushing, shoving, as Jerome Boateng squares up to Marcelo. Well marshalled by referee Marco Rodriguez.”

Sean in Lincoln, via text: “Brazil won’t score tonight, in this tournament, they only score against countries starting with the letter C.”

Martin Keown: “A beautiful challenge by Lahm. Great timing. Good play by Brazil but a textbook challenge. It is boiling over a little bit. It is breaking down far too quickly on the Brazil left hand side. Marcelo and Hulk have to keep the ball better. Credit the Germans though, it is like a knife through butter at times, their midfield is incredible.”

Tom Rostance: “The first half of Brazil v Colombia was played as if it was the final 10 minutes – and so is this one. Brazil are chasing the ball like an Under-11 side at times. Germany had a three-on-three break but Thomas Muller’s pass is just cut out to prevent Miroslav Klose a one-on-one. Miroslav Klose is finding space on the edge of the penalty area and twice he should do better. First he hesitates and is closed down before he can’t link up with Mesut Ozil.”

Danny Mills: “Brazil will be very disappointed with the goal. Luiz Felipe Scolari will be furious with David Luiz. When a player loses his marker from a corner or a set-piece then that goal could have easily been stopped. Since the goal Brazil have been very gung-ho and are running at people, but leaving themselves exposed. If Germany can stay composed then they can hit Brazil on the break. Germany are playing very cool and using the tactical nous they have, while Brazil have been very frantic.”

Martin Keown: “They lost look the Brazilians. Stunning from Germany. Klose isn’t going to miss that one. Puts him in the record books. Germany are so good down the right side. It is one of the best finishes you will see. What a finish, it goes like an arrow. Yes it is lucky but look at the finish at the end of it.”

Danny Mills: “At times Brazil defensively have been a shambles. Brazil are clearly missing Thiago Silva. We have just seen the picture of a fan and he is in tears. The Brazil fans are in shock. We never expected this. Brazil have been hit on the counter attack again and again. This could end up seven or eight. Germany have been exceptional, clinical, efficient. David Luiz should be playing centre-half, but is halfway up the field. Brazil are all over the place. Game over.”

Martin Keown: “Brazil without their two best players is like pulling the plug out of the bath. It is embarrassing for Brazil. It is about restoring pride now. Brazil just haven’t turned up, you need that strong backbone and it is missing from this team.”

Phil McNulty: “Brazil may be missing Neymar but they have missed Thiago Silva more. Germany have completely ripped them to shreds, Luiz Felipe Scolari is standing dumbstruck on the touchline. There is an eerie quiet around Estadio Mineirao, almost as if Brazil’s fans are still working out how to react.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Ricky Beresford: Just watch David Luiz’s defensive contribution for the 2nd goal – it’s worst than the first and that’s saying something!#brutal.

Tim Arstall: This is insane, football history surely being made.

Tim Ward: When did England start playing in yellow?

Tom Rostance: “Who had money on Germany being 5-0 up after half an hour then? Anyone?”

Danny Mills: “The defence has capitulated. The whole stadium is almost in silence in shock. It was so easy. The romantics in this wanted Brazil to be in the final in the Maracana, but fair play to the Germans they have been exceptional. They were under pressure in the first 10 minutes, but remained calm and have made this Brazilian side look, defensively, worse than schoolboys.”

Tom Rostance: “As you would imagine the crowd inside the Estadio Mineirao have gone very, very quiet. To their credit they are still in their seats as Toni Kroos hits a deflected shot wide. Germany have had 42% possession. But they’ve not done bad when they have had it…”

Phil McNulty: “One of the most remarkable halves of football any World Cup has seen. Germany do not look like they will score every time they attack, they invariably are.”

Tom Rostance: “Klose is the highest scorer in World Cup history”

Miroslav Klose
Credit: BBC Sport ©

Dan from London on text: Easy to say it now BUT since the Croatia game Brazil have been waiting to be found out. This is excruciating.

Stuart from Watford via text: Thought this match would be Klose but Brazil being Mullered and completely on Kroos control.

Tom Rostance: “This may well be the most ridiculous half of football I’ve ever seen. For weeks – maybe months – we have been asking how much pressure is on the hosts in this World Cup. We have just found out. Too much. Way, way too much…”

Danny Mills: “Every time Germany come forward they look like scoring. Klose will think ‘how many more goals can I get’, the same for Muller. We know the Brazilians are hot-headed at times and it would not surprise me if a Brazilian loses his cool and gets a red card. You would never have even predicted 5-0 after 90 minutes, but it could be anything.”

Tom Rostance: “The one saving grace I can think of for Brazil fans is that at least it’s not Lionel Messi and Argentina handing out the humiliation tonight. Manuel Neuer in midfield after the break?”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Craig O’Donnell: Tweets how poor Brazil are, but for me its more how good Germany are. So professional in every aspect. Role models to any side.

Robin Greenwell: To call #BRA defending schoolboy would be an insult to school football! Even #ENG would batter them!

Richard Allen: This is like watching a kids game when the bigger boys are just too strong! The trouble is #BRA don’t know how stop them.

Tom Rostance: “Many teams would have taken their foot off the pedal by now – not Germany. They are all over Brazil. It’s like watching the Australian cricket team of the late 1990s tearing into John Crawley, Graeme Hick and Dean Headley…”

Danny Mills: “The game is over. Brazilian fans do not know what to make of it. I’ve never seen a game like it. To be so over-whelmed by the opposition is amazing. Brazil have gone. It is almost too late to even restore some pride. This is not being beaten. This is being humiliated.”

Tom Rostance: “There were just 179 seconds between Germany’s second and fourth goals. If this was a computer game Brazil would have turned off and thrown the control pad across the room. Unfortunately for 201 million Brazilians it’s very, very real…The biggest ever WC semi final loss is 6-1. It has happened three times. Are we on for a fourth? Brazil will have to score and they don’t look like doing so now. I’m not far off speechless. Germany look in ruthless mood.”

Danny Mills: “It is hard to explain how good the Germans have been. Schweinsteiger has sat there in front of the back four and not given the ball away. The Germans have that control and self belief – give us the ball and we will control the game – that’s what they have done.”

BBC Sport stats
Credit: BBC Sport ©

Tom Rostance: “Has a manager ever resigned at half-time of a World Cup semi-final?”

Danny Mills: “To put this into perspective, England beat Moldova 5-0. This is Germany beating Brazil, in Brazil, 5-0, in 30 minutes of the game. Everyone is numb. Is this real? Is this a dream? No. It’s an absolute nightmare for Brazil. Once that first goal went in, you could see the Germans growing in confidence and they have ripped this Brazil team apart. If Brazil don’t concede again it will be as much of a surprise as them being down 5-0.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Kaspar Larsen: Will Low dare to make early substitutions to save his core players, or keep them on the pitch for the confidence boost?

Chris Kendall: I bet the Germany fans currently feel like we did when we beat them 5-1!

London-Dude: #Brazil’s ugly football is now being torn apart by #german efficiency.

Tom Rostance: “One minute added on. Though we are really set to play 45 minutes more of added time. Called the second half.”

Martin Keown: “Brazil are just playing for pride now. Germany are so ruthless, they have got their foot on the opposition and they won’t take it off them.”

Danny Mills: “Brazil have to play with some pride, but they have blown their chance. They could have become legends. Instead this Brazil team have become villains. And they will be villains for the rest of their lives. Thiago Silva and Neymar will be disappointed to not be playing, but part of them will be thinking ‘I am so glad I’m not out there’.”



Tom Rostance: “Just the three changes at the break. Germany replace Mats Hummels with Per Mertesacker, and Brazil give Hulk and Fernandinho the hook. On come Ramires and Paulinho. A real thankless task.”

South American Football Expert, Tim Vickery: “In order to change things, Brazilian football needs something like this, to avoid that arrogance where they say ‘we have won it five times, we will win it again’. I would give Fernandinho a mark of one out of 10 for putting his shirt on the right way around.”

Juninho (Former Brazil and Middlesborough Midfielder): “I am in shock. It is unbelievable. Their play all over the field, it looks like a training session when they let their mates play. Unbelievable, especially back four, we are not closing off. They are moving, passing so easy. It is difficult to understand the attitude. Everyone was talking about Neymar but Thiago in this game we have missed. Scolari needs to protect the team, don’t think to win the game but don’t concede more goals.”

Martin Keown: “It was totally inept. Having followed Brazil’s journey I didn’t expect it to end in this manner. It is about restoring pride and they could have taken any player off.”

Tom Rostance: “Brazil will be playing for pride, as the saying goes, but let’s be honest, their pride has been taken out back and shot. Getting hammered 5-0 after 30 minutes of the semi-final in your own country is something that will take more than a decent 45 minutes to recover from. Without wishing to overdo it, the ramifications of this may well rumble on for years…”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Dayboh Banjo: This is not the real game, this is Fifa pro for Playstation 5 being tested on live television. The guy playing with Brazil in this has fallen asleep on the controls.

Adam A. Blackman: WOW Brazil complete embarrassment to their nation. Easier to be an England fan tonight. At least we didn’t embarrass ourselves like that!

Tom Rostance: “Germany haven’t scored for 20 minutes. What an absolute shower. A disgrace…Brazil’s best opening! Ramires gets into the box and almost cuts it back for Chelsea team-mate Oscar but Manuel Neuer gets a strong wrist on it and turns it away.”

Danny Mills: “There are a lot of empty seats here. Holland and Argentina must be looking at this and will be thinking ‘wow’. It has been easy for Germany and they can afford to take the second half lightly, so they will be well rested for the final.”

Tom Rostance: “Chance! Germany are now playing with no discipline at the back and Brazil waltz through to find Oscar, his low shot is firmly struck but again Manuel Neuer makes the stop.”

Martin Keown: “Manuel Neuer is surely the best goalkeeper in world football.”

Tom Rostance: “Now that is a really good save! Manuel Neuer turns away a powerful drive form Paulinho but Brazil are seriously threatening to cut this lead to four goals…”

Accrington Stanley on Twitter: We’ve ruled out a summer bid for Maicon. We’ll stick with Nicky Hunt thanks very much…

Former England goalkeeper David James tweets: “Silva’s needless booking in the last match has had more influence on today’s match than Neymar’s injury. Dante & Luiz are like strangers.”

Tom Rostance: “Brazil have had 71% of the ball in the second half. It’s much improved but nobody will remember that when they discuss the Battering of Belo Horizonte in years to come.”

Danny Mills: “David Luiz has not been disciplined enough. You have to have fire in your body and ice in your head, but he hasn’t got that.”

Tom Rostance: “What do you reckon David Luiz has got in his head?I reckon he just permanently has Jamiroquai on a loop.”


Tom Rostance: “Miroslav Klose is off, he won’t add to his record of 16 goals. Andre Schurrle on in his place, and Germany have one substitute left to rest another first team player. Can Joachim Low bring himself on?”

Martin Keown: “Klose gives a much better balance to the team. Incredible achievement and a nice final to look forward to for him. A good night’s work. People say the number nine is disappearing from the game but Klose is proving you have to have one.”

Tom Rostance: “Almost six! Germany’s first real attack of the second half and Thomas Muller is in, he tries to go round Julio Cesar but the goalkeeper tackles him well. And then wow what a save! Muller bends in a beauty from range and Cesar turns it away. Muller may well end the night eclipsing that Miroslav Klose record…”

Phil McNulty: “Brazil’s fans are seeking a scapegoat – and it sounded like Fred might be the man judging by the toxic reaction to a tame finish from the struggling striker.”

Credit: BBC Sport and Phil McNulty ©


Tom Rostance: “Maicon glides in at the back post and goes to ground – that’s a dive. Nothing given. A storm and misery in Brazil, sun and beers in New York. It may not be Berlin, but pretty much anywhere will feel like home to Germans at the moment. Their side are 30 minutes away from the final and a chance to secure a fourth World Cup.”

German fans
Credit: BBC Sport and Getty Images ©

Danny Mills: “Germany have been incredible. They epitomise everything German football is about. Muller is a fabulous player. Any time Brazil’s players get into the box they are going to the ground cheaply. They are doing anything to try to get a consolation goal.”

Tom Rostance: “Fred is getting hammered from the terraces which seems a bit harsh to me. Not that he’s had a good game but he’s hardly to blame for the chronic defending.”

Martin Keown: “Comparing Fred to those great World Cup strikers, and his movement is non existent. You have to blame Scolari for continuing to pick him.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Anthony Shaw: I generally think I could do better than the Brazilian defence. And I’m an asthmatic nerd with no sporting ability.

Tony O’Brien: Brazil resorting to outrageous dives. Embarrassing and pathetic.

Tom Rostance: “Losing in front of your home crowd. You wish the ground would open and take you down. And will time ever pass? Will time never pass for us? Not my words, the words of Morrissey. But these Brazil players will feel like time really is standing still as this half crawls along.”

Danny Mills: “This has become a nothing game. The post-mortem for this defeat will go on for days, months, possibly years. This is so unprecedented for Brazil.”

Belo Horizonte
Credit: BBC Sport and Danny Mills ©

Tom Rostance: “Where’s the defence?! Germany attack down their left and when the cross comes over Thomas Muller is all alone, in oceans of space. He would surely bag a sixth but Julio Cesar comes way out of his goal to sweep away.”

Martin Keown: “Muller is playing centre forward for Germany and that creates a different problem because he is playing on the last defender’s shoulder.”

Tom Rostance: “The boos ring out as Germany try to score for the first time in half an hour – and promptly do. The move down the right comes to Philipp Lahm, he gets his head up and picks out Andre Schurrle in space, eight yards out, and he slots home. This would be the biggest win in a World Cup semi-final.”

Danny Mills: “Brazil’s defending is even worse than England’s. A knife through hot butter does not even do it justice. Every single fan is now booing.”

Tom Rostance: “Fred is replaced by Willian and Fred gets dog’s abuse from the crowd, which continues when the camera picks him out on the bench. That’s poor. It’s not his fault.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Alex Homatas: I though this would be Klose but Brazil are getting Mullered.

Sam Thompson: Germany have scored more goals in 3 minutes than England did in entire World Cup.

Martin Keown: “Shocking defending as the boos ring round the stadium. Again another tap in. The marking is totally non existent. Look at David Luiz standing on his heels. Ridiculous.”

Danny Mills: “Brazil have given up. Fred was taken off to save himself from any more embarrassment. Every time he touched the ball he was booed and it was not nice. This whole game is actually just sad now.”

Tom Rostance: “Brazil have been so bad they’ve made Danny Mills sad. A new low. Chelsea must be glad they’ve already sold David Luiz to PSG. PSG must be making a note to never, ever play him if Thiago Silva is suspended.”

Martin Keown: “The frightening thing is I think there is more in the locker for Germany in the final.”


Tom Rostance: “Sami Khedira – who was sensational in that first half – is replaced and Julian Draxler gets 15 minutes of the World Cup semi-final to go and enjoy. David Luiz has lost his head, big style. He is not happy with Thomas Muller’s challenge but then wildly swings at him, he tries to smash Muller into the stands but, as is befitting his performance tonight, he can’t connect. An air-kick and more humiliation. No cards from the ref though.”

Credit: BBC Sport

Danny Mills: “A lot of Germany’s players are about 24 or 25 and hitting their peak. These players are in their prime and would be worthy winners of the World Cup, but they still have to go and win the final.”

Tom Rostance: “Sensational. What a goal! And applause rings out around the Estadio Mineirao as they just have to accept a wonderful goal from Andre Schurrle. It comes from a quick throw-in, Thomas Muller flicks the ball in form the left to find Schurrle, and he cracks a rising shot in at the near post, the ball kissing the underside of the crossbar and in. Wow…”

Germany's Andre Schuerrle celebrates
Credit: BBC Sport and Reuters ©

Martin Keown: “Stunning finish. Every one of these goals is just sublime football. I think the Brazilians have had enough. The Germans can’t believe it, they are shaking their heads in disbelief. The Brazilian fans are applauding Germany. they know good football when they see it.”

Danny Mills: “What a fantastic strike from Schurrle. He gave Julio Cesar no chance. But the celebrations were almost apologetic. The German fans were shaking their heads, asking ‘is this real?'”

Tom Rostance: “This is absurd. Absurd stuff. Germany are playing it around , making Brazil chase it as the home fans ironically ‘Ole!’ every pass.”

Danny Mills: “We have concentrated on how poor Brazil have been, a complete shambles, but Germany have been in control. It isn’t men against boys, it’s men against infants.”

Twitter Debate: #bbcworldcup

Gabe Arii: Germany just wrecked the career of 23 Brazilians. How will they ever think of football again without having nightmares?

TomGloverComedy: Turns out training and ability are more important than shouting a national anthem whilst crying.

Phil McNulty: “David Luiz began this day being feted on Brazilian national television as the man who would lead Brazil to glory in the absence of Neymar and captain Thiago Silva. Instead he has played his full part in an embarrassment to this proud country.”

Credit: BBC Sport and Phil McNulty ©

Tom Rostance: “I’m going to start putting the (Seven) in brackets, in true videprinter style. Do not adjust your sets. Ramires has a shot and it’s well held by Manuel Neuer, who I’m quite disappointed hasn’t been given a run out in midfield or maybe up front. Into the last five minutes, of probably the worst five minutes in Brazil’s footballing history…”

Danny Mills: “Luiz Felipe Scolari, arms folded, must be thinking ‘how will I explain this?’. Not just to the Brazilian press, but to the world’s press. Germany have won this without trying that hard. They haven’t had to close the Brazilians down.”

Tom Rostance: “Marcelo caps a nightmarish performance by chasing 45 yards downfield to meet a crossfield pass -and then missing the ball altogether. Someone make it stop…Andre Schurrle chases a throughball and I reckon he could get there but he eases up before, at the other end, Oscar drives it wide. Bernard shoots over and he is loudly jeered. At 21, he is the future of Brazil and how will the likes of he and Neymar respond?But at the other end Mesut Ozil is played clean through and shoots wide. Big chance…”

Andre Schurrle
Credit: BBC Sport ©

Tom Rostance: “They have got one! And Germany are furious, which sums up their professionalism. It’s a soft one too as Oscar gets in through the middle, sidesteps the last defender and buries the shot.”

Martin Keown: “For once Neuer, the sweeper keeper, is not there. You expect him to be there, he starts to come and then goes back and Oscar does the rest.”

Danny Mills: “Germany will be a little bit disappointed. But the cheers from the home fans were ironic cheers. It isn’t even a consolation goal.”


I really feel for Brazil, they have just suffered a defeat after being beaten by Germany, but they still managed to come this far, they will always be thought of as the best team that have managed to get through almost the whole of this World Cup, and have not gone down without a fight.



Thank you for viewing this blog feed as the match unfolded :-).

-Alex Smithson


  1. Wow…just a huge shock, that Brazil capitulated like that …on their own home turf. The ultimate humiliation. I was really hoping that Brazil would ace this World Cup thing and that the absence of the demi-gods Thiago Silva and Neymar would simply make them work harder. Really sad, but well done to the Germans for being so ruthless.



    1. I felt for Brazil, because they lost two of their best players for this only match they had against Germany, and I just felt sorry for them, but, even though they lost, I will always be proud of them no matter what :-).

      Alex Smithson


    1. In honesty, even though Brazil suffered a huge defeat last night, they have still done us all proud because they didn’t give up and were always determined right to the very end :-).

      Alex Smithson


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